Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the burn

Last night, a seemingly innocent comment led to a blown out argument between J & I.  What to do with such rage?  We hit the nearby 24 Hour Fitness and parted ways curtly.  J headed to the weights and I made a beeline to the cardio machines, my iPod on full blast.

Within that next hour, I proceeded to run and bike at my most intense speed yet in this entire month. Apparently, anger can do a body good - sometimes.  In this case, it was 386 calories worth! 

During our awkward drive home, I broke the stony silence first.

P: Thank you for yelling at me.
J: Um... why?
P: Well...I burned more calories because of it! 
J: Well...that's good for YOU, not so good for the relationship.

What kind of horrible person actually benefits from fighting with her significant other?  Who has the nerve to silently pat herself on the back after causing her fiance grief and frustration?

Guilty as charged.


  1. You fight, you learn. You know, make up sex burns a few hundreds of calories or so =)

  2. I think its great that the both of you went to work out to give you some "alone" time while being productive. I hope you guys have communicated since then! :)

  3. Thanks Tri & Anya! All is well in J&P land. We usually don't stay angry for too long with each other... especially over dumb arguments ;)

    And Tri... NO COMMENT!


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