Friday, July 23, 2010

Real Love Stories

I like hearing stories from real couples.  Whether from friends, parents, acquaintances, or even strangers; I am fascinated to hear about how two loved ones met and the striking events that led them to where they stand today as a couple.  What you see is only part of the picture; the context of a couple is defined by what their stories reveal.  That's one reason why I was compelled to include our history in the Story of Lipstick on Paper.

In a world dominated by Hollywood's version of love via grandiose and dramatic stories like Twilight, nauseating romantic comedies, or ridiculously contagious reality shows like the The Bachelor , it's hard to remember that real love does not reflect Hollywood.  No dramatic music, no dates atop New Zealand or Hawai'i, or having to choose between two immortal lovers (though it is fun to root for Team Jacob).   

In real life, the greatest love stories are truly the simple ones that persist and persevere. 

Here's a simple and sweet love story shared by Pedro Moran-Palma and Hilda Chacon from New York City.  This comes from today's StoryCorps, a great program produced through NPR.  Happy Friday and hug someone you love today!  

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