Friday, August 27, 2010

The First Dates Project

After months of living together and careful observation of potential "lazy" behavior, I decide to take initiative in preventing J and myself from reaching the Relationship Comfort Zone

I propose my idea to J one night, as we snuggled into bed. 

P: Babe, remember how we talked about ways we can go out more and try new things?
J: Uh-huh...
P: I have an idea on how we can keep our relationship fresh and exciting.
J [curious]: What?
P: What if we create a long list of date ideas - anything and everything that we both like?  You know those times when we say "We should go try that restaurant in the City" or "Hey, cherry picking sounds fun, we should do it some day?"  All of those "we should" or "some day" ideas need to go on the list!  And the next time we have zero plans and free time, we'll pick something from the list.  What do you think?  
J: Is this going to include your list of wishful thinking vacation spots?
P [pauses]: No.  That's another list.

One summer afternoon at Border's (his idea), J & I sat down to make our list of the greatest dates ever.  I was inspired by one of our favorite romantic comedies "50 First Dates", in which Adam Sandler woos Drew Barrymore with a new romantic gesture every day.  Drew's chracter Lucy has a memory disorder where she can't remember anything beyond a day - thus, every outing with Adam's character always involves a "First Date" where they meet and fall in love.  The movie showed a montage of each of their first dates and first kisses, with breathtaking backdrops of the Hawaiian beaches, towering Light House, and the sugar cane fields at sunset.  The fact that First Dates was pluralized is also a charming oxymoron.  Why can't couples in long-term relationships feel like it's their first date over and over again, too?  I was determined to prove that the theory of "the first date happens only once" was false.

 {Imagine a relationship where everyday is a first date! Photo from MTV}

Our list of dates ranged from local dates to mini road-trip dates, from expensive and grandiose to novel and unique and to cheap and relaxing.  I started asking some friends for their input on the best dates they've been on with their significant others.  I stole ideas from movies, TV shows, and other couples - it went on the list.  With the list continuing to grow, I wanted to give structure and document the process somehow.  I've decided to showcase The First Dates Project here on my blog.  I look forward to sharing our stories and dates with you and hopefully, you'll fall in love with the project to create your own list, as well. 

If you have ideas that you would like to suggest to us - we're open!  We'd love to hear your "first dates" idea in the comment section.  It might even be our date next weekend! 


  1. I *love* this idea. What a great idea for a blog, too! stumbling and following. :) Can't wait to see these first date ideas.

  2. Awesome idea! I'm looking forward to "stalk" your entries. =)

  3. you must've been reading my mind! Hung and I decided that it's time to start date night. one day during the week.. we try not to make it a weekend.. we'll go out to eat, or to the movies, or something.. one day we'll make time for more fun things :D

  4. HeartBabyHome, thank you for checking out LipstickonPaper! This will definitely be a continuous work in progress.

    Tri, you are welcome to "stalk" my entries anytime. How are you and the lovely doing over in TX?

    Roey, I think the most important part is setting aside that time to make it happen. Even if we had a list of crazy fun things to do, it doesn't matter if it never happens, right? We'll be sure to check in on each other as we both try to implement regular date nights with our guys!


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