Tuesday, March 30, 2010

new style

I decided to transfer Lipstick on Paper to Blogger for a few reasons:

- Grew tired of the Wordpress platform (plus I was running out of photo space and am too cheap to pay for an upgrade)
- Needed a more focused topic to blog about
- A new theme and topic deserves a new look

As much as I have enjoyed blogging about random topics in the past year - from travels, to fitness, to milestones, and relationship musing, I wanted to give certain topics its fair share of attention and space.  For travels, food, and photography, you can refer to my tumblr blog, The Traveling Spoon.

That left Lipstick on Paper, a hodgepodge of ideas and experiences, ready to form its own identity.  I started blogging mainly as a way to craft my writing and to turn my life experiences into amusing anecdotes.  I also figured it would be good practice for my "someday" dream of writing for a fabulous women's lifestyle magazine. 

After some deliberation, sporadic job searches on Conde Nast's website, and watching way too many episodes of Sex and the City, I came to terms with the fact that having my own column for a New York City magazine will not likely happen... at least anytime soon.

However, I still have my blog.  Not only is it free, but I can write about whatever I want and can shape it into my own fabulous column.  So here I go...

Welcome to the new version of Lipstick on Paper.

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