Monday, June 7, 2010

The Story of Lipstick on Paper

{Photography by: Vivian Sachs,}
We excitedly received our engagement photos last weekend!  My friend Vivian Sachs was our photographer for our photo session in late April; which was taken at Carmel & Pebble Beach.  Looking through our photos, I can't help but feel a sense of disbelief on how far we've come as a couple.  How far I've come from my single, independent and heartbreaking dating days.  As a girl, I always wondered who would be the man I'd one day marry - it's still a trip for me to realize that I finally have my answer.  How did I ever get here?  What did I do to deserve this profound happiness?  And what lies ahead for me in the next few years?

Last weekend, I took a brief overnight trip to Monterey - just me on a solo retreat.  While meandering through the streets and walking along the pier, I wanted my life in the past couple of years to just slowly sink in.  I wanted to have a better sense of how I will approach the future years.  I wanted to also figure out the direction of my writing, especially with this blog: Lipstick on Paper.  Contemplating about that took me back across the spectrum of my past relationships and struggles, all somehow working out in the end and leading me to this milestone year.  Enjoy reading the Story of Lipstick on Paper - this is dedicated to J & our optimistic future together.

P.S. Happy Anniversary, babe.  6 years and 7 months strong.


  1. I hope you got some good quality alone time :) I feel that life is about relationships. Glad yours and J's are so strong. It gives me hope :)

    <3 D

  2. Thank you D! I just finished reading "The Geography of Bliss" and, indeed, relationships are crucial to a happy life - whether it's friendships, family, or romantic relationships. I'm glad that you play a part in that for me :)


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